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Home, Moan, Groan

MOAN, I'm home, could anything be lamer? The only things making it bearable are my work at DC10, which started today and is as awesome as ever, and the joint blog I'm keeping with Amy. And the multiple daily texts from Tom, but I'm less keen to admit to that. Makes me sound needy and ridiculous. 

I've written about it on the joint blog, but my last night in Leeds (in the glorious company of Abby, Sam and Tom) really was awesome, so I may as well share my rather drunken notes from the time all over again:

"Please God, let me never forget this: rolling in at well past 3:00 in the morning on my last day of the first year in Leeds, more than slightly drunk, having spent all night at the union dancing to Erol Alkan and kissing Tom Wiggins. Dancing round my soon-to-be vacant room to the Coyote Ugly soundtrack. Feeling young and immortal, and realising that I'm having the time of my life after all. Trying not to think about what my life is going to be like in the coming months, knowing this city is going on without me."

It all sounds incredibly self-centred, self-pitying and overly sentimental in retrospect, but I really meant it at the time. And it's still not something I want to forget.

DC10. It's still standing. Now full of unfamiliar faces, but that makes it all the more fun, in that it forces the creation of new relationships. SImbie, Dan and Joseph are the only familiar faces from Easter atm, or at least, the only faces I talk to on a regular basis. I'm feeling the absence of Rachel, but we're meeting for drinks on Thursday, and I can't imagine we're going to have any problem resuming chaos in the setting of a pub. Still, I miss having someone who appreciates my gossip girl texts. 

I should talk to Bill at some point. It's been over 24 hours. :O

x o x o


Much of today (/yesterday, technically. Why am I still up?) was spent feeling like a bit of a loser. 4/6 items on the list achieved, but I didn't get down to the bank or do any laundry, which were probably the most pressing things. Meh...stressful day tomorrow (/today), t'would seem.

Tonight made up for it. Much as I've enjoyed singledom this time round, it feels pretty good to be drifting away from it again. Now, how much is a train ticket from Audley End to Leicester?

Today's list

 1) Sort out a standing order for my landlord, and then email him to tell him about it. And ask for a paint job - i refuse to live in an iceburg-themed room. 

2) Send the Student Finance form. It was supposed to be in by the end of last week, but hey - stuff happens.

3) Book a table at Bella Italia for tomorrow night - the aged ps are coming to town.

4) Do an epic laundry. Whites, colours, and some hand washing. Starting to think I moved my clothes horse out a bit too soon.

5) Work through the filing mountain - I can't pack my folders until it's done, and there are a lot of them. 

6) Try to make the place look less like a bomb's exploded nearby before Tom comes over tonight.

I like my eyes

 There is no over-riding theme here (the songs don't even flow particularly well), apart from the fact that I like all of them and they now all co-exist on a previously-blank disc in Amy's possession. 

1) Jungle Drum - Emiliana Torrini

2) I Feel It All - Feist

3) Mirror in the Bathroom - The Beat

4) Jesus, etc - Wilco

5) Lost Coastlines - Okkervil River

6) Sleepytime in the Western World - Blitzen Trapper

7) Holland, 1945 - Neutral Milk Hotel

8) Basso Profundo - DeVotchKa

9) The Convert - Shearwater

10) Keep on Running - The Spencer Davis Group

11) Zero - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

12) Magic Trick - M. Ward
I realised today I hadn't written anything here for a stupidly long time, and since the exams are over and my first year done and dusted, there really isn't any excuse. 

In the long, long stretch since my last post I have: watched every existing episode of Gossip Girl; developed a Star Trek addiction; lost interest in season 5 of Desperate Housewives two episodes from the finale, and decided Coyote Ugly is my new favourite film. This last one is a particularly recent development - I watched it for the first time last night and immediately decided that what my room really needs is a massive promotional poster. From Amazon for £11.99. <wince> 

Oh, I also got a couple of firsts on some essays, and sort-of revised for some exams that someone told me were important. Often while watching Star Trek. Talking about warp speed on my poetry exam may, in time, prove to have been an error. Anyways, it is done now - all that remains is to work through a mountain of filing and other administrative bollocks, throw some clothes into black bin backs - which will in turn be thrown into mum's car -   and return to my position of office gossip girl. Only minus Rachel, who quit. :'( Sad times, but the good news is that I've been given a week of monitoring this summer - a bit of extra cash to put towards Italy/Sweden, and another baby step up in the cut-throat world of examinations.

Tonight is going to be my last girls' night out in Leeds with Amy - not that there have been all that many (2? 3?), but it's the potential that counts. We could have had loads. Still, off to the motown night at Hifi we go, me in luminous yellow hotpants and a plunging top, Amy in something wholly more dignified, for one last night of tipsy giggling and questionable dancing. Actually, tonight may also mark the launch of our summer project - a joint blog made up of playlists, stories, photos, lists and any other random crap we come up with. So basically, like this, only hopefully more of it, and with two voices. A little like a hyper-creative schizophrenic. Awesome. :D

A nasty little stain

Urgh, trust me to get permanent orange fabric paint on a new white dress. And then travel into town to buy two varieties of bleach from Morrisons, only to discover that "permanent" means "will not respond to large quantities of thick bleach" and decide the only viable option left is to cut up an old sheet and start stitching. Only now I've run out of white thread, so I suspect that a large portion of my Friday is going to be given over to trying to find a craft shop in Leeds. So much for the "I shall write most of my Poetry essay today" plan.

The work plan was a fairly essential one, given how much I've avoided this week in favour of gossiping, drinking and sleeping. On the plus side, I've been a good girl and have avoided scandal all week, although it took a bonecrunchingly embarrassing three-way conversation on Tuesday night to halt one in its tracks. In true Bill fashion, my best friend trundled straight through it, and came out the other side completely unaware that the other participants in the conversation had been busy thinking "PLEASE GOD LET IT BE OVER" for what felt like an hour but was probably closer to ten minutes.

It's been a good week, embarrassments aside - I've seen everyone I really missed over the Easter break, and had something going on socially every day and night, which is how I like it. The downside is, my work has been sliding - much as I hate to admit it, sooner or later I'm going to have to put my head down and get back to the actual degree bit of university life. If white dresses and Gossip Girl don't take over.

x o x o 

Life Lessons for Alice

A while ago I said I hadn't written poetry in a long time. I guess there's nothing like having a couple of hours spare after all the exam papers have been marked to realise there's something you need to write about. Lets just say I've finally escaped that shadow that's been dogging me.

I was last sighted in the rose garden,
Around where painted petals grow,
But when you came a-seeking, I could not be found.
And though there's laughter in the leaves,
And a shimmer in the air,
However far and wide you look,
You'll only find that I'm not there.

Rumour spread that I was dancing solo
Under the ice of frozen lakes,
But when you came the only footprints left
Were waltzing in the sky.
And though there's laughter on the evening breeze
And a wide grin fading on the moon,
However fast and long you chase
You won't catch me, I'm gone.

They thought they saw me in the woods,
A faerie queen of thorns,
But they got me wrong - there were petals waiting
When you arrived at dawn, 
And the only thorn I left behind
Is the one pricking your heart.
Chase me through the sunrise, chase me over stars,
Chase me through the looking glass,
But I'm not there, I'm gone.

Despite Bill's best efforts to convince me otherwise, I'm going to make it official: summer has arrived in leeds, and it feels frigging fantastic.

Today was a day for donning the white shirt, black belt, denim hotpants, purple tights, sparkly pumps combo (everyone has one) and sitting out in the sun in St George's with a good mate. In my case, this meant catching up with Lisa after aaaaages of having to make do with unexpressive facebook chat (no dysfunctional flailing arm gesture smilies. what's that about?). To summarise: everyone's a nick, and none of them are around when we want them to be. 

I also had Dan descending on me at around 10 bearing his entire luggage from the easter break - he'd travelled up early this morning to be back in time for our lecture at 11 but didn't have time to get out to Boddington, so having got up early to pack all my stuff away, I found my room invaded for around 5 hours by a mountain of man bags. Still, totally worth it to catch up with my favourite course buddy, and I even got to start getting up to speed with Amy (we bumped into her after the lecture - Stuart Murray, woot!), though we're meeting for lunch tomorrow to cover full details of everything that's been missed, and everything to be plotted in this short term. The day ended with me proofreading TJ's essay and both of us falling asleep in my bed. Since I've managed to get all tangled up in a brand new summer scandal within 24 hours of returning I really should consider being more careful, but it's just much more fun this way.

All in all, a very satisfactory return to the metropolis. Particularly since my easter was split between the OAP factory that is Saffron Walden and the warehouse at the end of the universe. Although I have to admit, work perked up after I gave in to Rachel's demands that I watch Gossip Girl and we started sending GG-style texts in the office. Very very risky, very very funny. Plus a certain someone was back in town to keep us entertained in the dry moments. :P It seems little M still hasn't learnt that the biggest fish in the pond just won't swim in the ocean. 

Hikers, Lyddoners, students ensemble: the stage is set. Scandal, gossip, confusion: commence. You know you've missed me.
x o x o

Pocket revelations

Three weeks and as many essays later, how are we doing?

On the plus side, my exam results were super duper, which means I've got my Erasmus placement at Uppsala, Mark and I have bagged a looovely house for next year, I've seen a bit more of everyone I wasn't seeing enough, have work for the Easter break, and received some confidence-boosting revelations from my favourite hedgehog. ;-) 

On the other hand, I'm averaging a spending rate of £200 per week (according to my mother, the shame!), have developed an unhealthy addiction to Desperate Housewives, and...um...that's probably it...unless you count the whole vomiting virus thing the other week - really not a high point.

The List:

1) Laundry. Whites and colours - the situation's desperate.
2) A Morrisons shop. I can't keep living on pasta and yoghurt.

I also need to do prep for this week's seminars, but after the essay crunch last week, it just doesn't seem all that urgent. I'll do it as fast as I can in the next couple of days and spend the rest of the week catching up on reading I didn't do while I was entertaining Sarah/lounging about at home/vomiting/writing essays with both sides of my brain.