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I realised today I hadn't written anything here for a stupidly long time, and since the exams are over and my first year done and dusted, there really isn't any excuse. 

In the long, long stretch since my last post I have: watched every existing episode of Gossip Girl; developed a Star Trek addiction; lost interest in season 5 of Desperate Housewives two episodes from the finale, and decided Coyote Ugly is my new favourite film. This last one is a particularly recent development - I watched it for the first time last night and immediately decided that what my room really needs is a massive promotional poster. From Amazon for £11.99. <wince> 

Oh, I also got a couple of firsts on some essays, and sort-of revised for some exams that someone told me were important. Often while watching Star Trek. Talking about warp speed on my poetry exam may, in time, prove to have been an error. Anyways, it is done now - all that remains is to work through a mountain of filing and other administrative bollocks, throw some clothes into black bin backs - which will in turn be thrown into mum's car -   and return to my position of office gossip girl. Only minus Rachel, who quit. :'( Sad times, but the good news is that I've been given a week of monitoring this summer - a bit of extra cash to put towards Italy/Sweden, and another baby step up in the cut-throat world of examinations.

Tonight is going to be my last girls' night out in Leeds with Amy - not that there have been all that many (2? 3?), but it's the potential that counts. We could have had loads. Still, off to the motown night at Hifi we go, me in luminous yellow hotpants and a plunging top, Amy in something wholly more dignified, for one last night of tipsy giggling and questionable dancing. Actually, tonight may also mark the launch of our summer project - a joint blog made up of playlists, stories, photos, lists and any other random crap we come up with. So basically, like this, only hopefully more of it, and with two voices. A little like a hyper-creative schizophrenic. Awesome. :D


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