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Despite Bill's best efforts to convince me otherwise, I'm going to make it official: summer has arrived in leeds, and it feels frigging fantastic.

Today was a day for donning the white shirt, black belt, denim hotpants, purple tights, sparkly pumps combo (everyone has one) and sitting out in the sun in St George's with a good mate. In my case, this meant catching up with Lisa after aaaaages of having to make do with unexpressive facebook chat (no dysfunctional flailing arm gesture smilies. what's that about?). To summarise: everyone's a nick, and none of them are around when we want them to be. 

I also had Dan descending on me at around 10 bearing his entire luggage from the easter break - he'd travelled up early this morning to be back in time for our lecture at 11 but didn't have time to get out to Boddington, so having got up early to pack all my stuff away, I found my room invaded for around 5 hours by a mountain of man bags. Still, totally worth it to catch up with my favourite course buddy, and I even got to start getting up to speed with Amy (we bumped into her after the lecture - Stuart Murray, woot!), though we're meeting for lunch tomorrow to cover full details of everything that's been missed, and everything to be plotted in this short term. The day ended with me proofreading TJ's essay and both of us falling asleep in my bed. Since I've managed to get all tangled up in a brand new summer scandal within 24 hours of returning I really should consider being more careful, but it's just much more fun this way.

All in all, a very satisfactory return to the metropolis. Particularly since my easter was split between the OAP factory that is Saffron Walden and the warehouse at the end of the universe. Although I have to admit, work perked up after I gave in to Rachel's demands that I watch Gossip Girl and we started sending GG-style texts in the office. Very very risky, very very funny. Plus a certain someone was back in town to keep us entertained in the dry moments. :P It seems little M still hasn't learnt that the biggest fish in the pond just won't swim in the ocean. 

Hikers, Lyddoners, students ensemble: the stage is set. Scandal, gossip, confusion: commence. You know you've missed me.
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