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A nasty little stain

Urgh, trust me to get permanent orange fabric paint on a new white dress. And then travel into town to buy two varieties of bleach from Morrisons, only to discover that "permanent" means "will not respond to large quantities of thick bleach" and decide the only viable option left is to cut up an old sheet and start stitching. Only now I've run out of white thread, so I suspect that a large portion of my Friday is going to be given over to trying to find a craft shop in Leeds. So much for the "I shall write most of my Poetry essay today" plan.

The work plan was a fairly essential one, given how much I've avoided this week in favour of gossiping, drinking and sleeping. On the plus side, I've been a good girl and have avoided scandal all week, although it took a bonecrunchingly embarrassing three-way conversation on Tuesday night to halt one in its tracks. In true Bill fashion, my best friend trundled straight through it, and came out the other side completely unaware that the other participants in the conversation had been busy thinking "PLEASE GOD LET IT BE OVER" for what felt like an hour but was probably closer to ten minutes.

It's been a good week, embarrassments aside - I've seen everyone I really missed over the Easter break, and had something going on socially every day and night, which is how I like it. The downside is, my work has been sliding - much as I hate to admit it, sooner or later I'm going to have to put my head down and get back to the actual degree bit of university life. If white dresses and Gossip Girl don't take over.

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